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There are many myths that circulate about what exactly causes acne. From greasy foods to make-up, the blame is often misplaced. In truth, the causes of acne are pretty simple:

For some individuals, the body’s hair follicles are more prone to collecting oil and dead skin cells. This may be particularly true for areas of the body where oil glands are most concentrated, such as the face, chest, neck, shoulders, or back. A pore clogged by excess oil and dead skin cells can become a breeding ground for the bacteria that ultimately result in inflammation and acne. In addition, hormone fluctuations, certain prescription medications, and even stress can make acne worse.

Keeping the skin clean and removing dead skin cells before they clog your pores can be essential for maintaining clear skin. At CosMedic Skincare, Dr. Jodie Reinertson offers Isolaz Therapy with Deep Pore Purification and various other treatments to help patients who have not found success with over-the-counter or prescription acne medications.

To learn more about our acne treatment options, or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation at our practice, please contact us today.