How to Choose a Quality Sunscreen: Essential Tips from our Seattle Skin Care Experts

With the Pacific Northwest’s unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty, Seattle residents have countless reasons to spend time outdoors. Yet, whether you’re exploring the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest or simply enjoying a sunny day in the city, protecting your skin is paramount. Incorporating a quality sunscreen into your daily routine is not just about preventing sunburn; […]

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New Look, Same Beautiful Faces

Before we get into some very exciting company updates, we want to be super-duper clear: Dr. Jodie isn’t going anywhere. Phew! Right? Right. We can all breathe a little easier knowing Jodie is just as much of a fixture at the clinic as she always has been. She wanted to give more time to her family and spend less time […]

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Skin Myths Debunked: Your Skin and The Sun

At KMP Aesthetics, many of our patients share stories with us about their long tropical vacations, SeaFair yacht parties, and European summers. Even younger patients tell us about their high school years in the tanning booth, Junes through Augusts spent wakeboarding without SPF, and how they used to “lay out” with their friends by the pool or on docks. Ah, […]

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I Tried The Moxi™ Laser: What You Need To Know

For those of us who want younger-looking skin while we still have younger-looking skin (looking at you, anxious Millennial planners), we’ve probably started dabbling in fun things like BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, and other lesser-discussed treatments like Morpheus8. The next step in our *prejuvenation* (the act of initiating a series of thoughtfully planned steps to prevent or impede the changes associated with […]

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Medium shot of a model smiling with her eyes closed, holding up a fan of dollar bills and a business card. She is wearing a patterned dress and posing in front of a blue background.

How to Save Money on Cosmetic Treatments

One of the biggest considerations many patients take into account when seeking aesthetic treatment is how much it will cost. At CosMedic Skincare, we understand the role that budget plays in your cosmetic care journey, and we believe treatment can and should be affordable. That said, it is important to keep your safety in mind when you search for a […]

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Close up a woman's face as she undergoes microneedling

Plasma Pen vs. Microneedling

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen and elastin, which—along with factors like UV exposure, genetics, and stress—can contribute to skin sagging and wrinkling. Both microneedling and plasma fibroblast therapy can refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, resulting in a more youthful look. At CosMedic Skincare, our team of aesthetic experts offer both SkinPen® microneedling and […]

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Mother hugging daughter. Both are smiling.

Can I Get a Tighter Vagina Without Any Surgery?

Although it can be difficult for many women to talk about, lax vaginal tissue is a common concern that can negatively impact sexual function, contribute to stress incontinence, and decrease self-esteem. Just as skin and other tissues can begin to sag with age, vaginal tissues can also lose their elasticity and become drier as a result of menopause-related hormonal changes. […]

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Facial Fillers & Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The FDA advisory committee has reported that individuals who have gotten dermal fillers may experience certain side effects from the new Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. During the Moderna clinical trials, a small group of participants who had received filler injections experienced swelling and inflammation where their filler was injected. This occurred for patients who had their facial fillers performed several months […]

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double chin

What Causes a Double Chin?

People often assume that the appearance of a “double chin” is caused by weight gain. It may be surprising to know that even physically fit and healthy people can suffer from submental fat (layer of excess fat in the upper neck) or lax skin. An individual’s age, diet, genetics, weight, and posture can all affect the development of a double […]

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