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What is Melasma?

Melasma is described by the American Academy of Dermatology as a skin condition that causes brown or gray-brown patches to develop on the face. These patches of deep pigment primarily appear on the cheeks, chin, upper lip, nose, and forehead. Melasma is much more common in women than in men, and pregnant women seem especially prone to developing the condition.

What are the Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Skin Lightening Systems?

The Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Systems are skin care solutions specifically designed to lighten the pigment of the skin in areas affected by melasma. During your treatment session, a masque is applied in-office by a member of our medical staff. Afterward, you will be given a medical-grade skincare regimen to use at home. The Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Systems contain prescription strength ingredients that can work on the skin at a cellular level, lifting dark pigments to the surface of the skin where they can ultimately be exfoliated and removed. Using this dual-method approach, you can achieve smoother, more evenly toned skin and effectively combat the effects of melasma.

How long does the Melanage™ Peel treatment take to complete?

The in-office masque typically takes about thirty minutes to mix and apply. After application, you will be asked to wear the mask for two to ten hours, depending upon the specifics of your condition and your skin type. At the time designated by your aesthetician, you can wash the mask off, and the first stage of your treatment will be complete.

The second stage of the treatment is performed with your at-home skincare kit. Patients are strongly encouraged to use these products in strict accordance to the directions of their aesthetician to maximize results. This stage of the Melanage™ Peel system can be completed in one month.

What results can I expect from my Melanage™ Peel treatment?

Though individual results may vary, most patients report significant improvement in their condition after one month. The Melanage™ Peel can deliver many benefits including:

During your one-on-one consultation, a member of our team will examine your unique condition and skin type, discuss your expectations, and help you determine if the Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Systems can achieve your cosmetic goals.

Will I need multiple Melanage™ Peel treatments?

Some patients achieve their goals with just one Melanage™ Peel treatment. However, multiple treatments can be used for patients who want to maximize their results. The Melanage™ Peel can be repeated six months after the first treatment. The Minipeel can be repeated after a month or two, and many Minipeel patients undergo a series of three to five treatments over the course of a few years.

Is the Melanage™ Peel treatment painful?

The Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Systems are designed to maximize your comfort while achieving an effective epidermal peel. The treatment is virtually painless, and can treat the affected areas of the skin without harming the surrounding tissues. Some patients may feel a warm, tingling sensation while wearing the masque during the first stage of treatment.

Are there any common side effects of the Melanage™ Peel treatment?

Common side effects of the Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel Systems may include redness, itching, or peeling for up to ten days after treatment. During your consultation, you will be provided with a complete list of potential side effects.

Am I a candidate for the Melanage™ Peel treatment?

Patients of all skin colors and types may be candidates for the Melanage™ Peel and Minipeel treatments. These treatments are not recommended for patients with certain skin conditions including: sunburn, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea, rashes, cold sores, warts, or open wounds. Women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding should not undergo Melanage™ Peel or Minipeel treatments. In addition, the Melanage™ Peel may not be recommended for patients who have taken Accutane within the past year, a history of allergies, or extremely sensitive skin.

What does the treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend upon a number of factors, including the type of peel you select and the number of treatments you wish to undergo. One of our skin care experts can give you her recommendations during the consultation process, as well as the total cost.

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