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Cosmedic Skin Care is phenomenal. I love Dr. Jodie Reinertson and her staff is amazing. I’ve been here a handful of times and always achieve my desired results. Dr. Jodie has an eye for perfection and art. I’m extremely satisfied customer and will always continue coming to her. They’re the best!!!

Kristina S., September, 2015

I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Reinertson and her talented team, especially Lisa and So. I have been coming to CosMedic Skincare for 8 years and thanks to all the wonderful services that Dr. Reinertson and Lisa have provided me, I look a decade younger. I recently received the Sculptra injection series this past year to re-grow collagen. The results were a beautiful and natural transformation. I recently attended my 30 year high school class reunion and every female classmate told me how young I looked and asked me what I was doing. I told them I had the best doctor in Seattle! Go see her and her team….you will be glad you did!

Diane W., August, 2015

This is great place. The staff and service is really nice!!! I would highly recommend this place. I am a client here for the laser hair removal treatment and already see good results.

K.Z., April, 2015

I am willing to drive and hour and a half for skin treatments at Cosmedic and I have been doing so for many years. I found Dr. Reinerston after quite a few less than favorable experiences both in my home town and Seattle area. Dr. Reinerston and her staff are professional, dedicated to their work and the results, and very honest and upfront about both costs and results. More than once they have been very forthcoming whether or not a procedure or product makes good sense for me. Not once have I felt the often very forceful “sales push” frequently seen at other offices. I am now bringing additional close friends to Cosmedic for various treatments because everyone wants to know what I am doing and where! I consider it a great compliment that, at my age, I often receive wonderful comments about how young I continue to look!

G, February, 2015

Best injections in Seattle. I have had Botox a few times and it always looks great. James on the front desk is really great and always works with me for scheduling. Dr Jodie is very skilled with her injections.

N.H., November, 2014

I have been a patient if Dr Jodie Reinertson for several years now. I have had many treatments to improve my 63 year old face. The biggest bang for my buck to date has had to be the Dot laser treatment. For the same or less downtime than peels I’ve had in the past, the texture and tightening ability is remarkable!! I will definitely have this procedure repeated in a few years when it’s needed.

S.T., July, 2014

I just couldn’t believe it! I looked at least 10 years younger. Dr. Jodie did a great job. I went to Advanced Skin and Body looking for a younger me. I was referred to Dr. Jodie and I had an incredible experience. I don’t believe in miracles but when I looked at my face after receiving Voluma and a little Botox, I felt like a much younger me. Dr. Jodie knew exactly where to place the injections and was able to place the injections in exactly the right places. I looked alot better right after I had the injections and went out to show my husband who was waiting in the other room.

A few days later he was able to get an appointment with Dr. Jodie. I am 72 years old and he is 73 and now we both don’t look our ages. He was so impressed he too had to partake.The procedure was painless as I just felt some small needle pricks. There was no down time and we both walked out of the office feeling like we cheated time! This is a marvelous procedure by a well-trained physician who knows where to poke and how to make a face look younger. I would highly recommend Dr. Jodie Reinertson. She is a delightful person and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this clinic and this physician.

This procedure requires an artist and an experienced, gentle physician. Thank you for making me feel so much younger. My husband looks great too. I highly recommend Dr. Jodie and wanted to express my gratitude to her.I am a much younger me.

Barbara E., August, 2014

Dr. Reinertson has performed multiple DOT laser treatments on me, and I love the results! My pictures do not lie, and they objectively document wrinkle reduction.

I have had my full face done twice, and my neck and chest once respectively. The pain was tolerable, and the redness disappeared within a couple of weeks, despite my propensity as a red head towards redness and irritation.

Additionally, Dr. Reinertson and her staff have always been extremely responsive to my questions and concerns.

M.D., April, 2014

Love this place! I’ve came here for several different types of appointments-B12 shots, BOTOX® Cosmetic, lip injection… You name it! The thing I love the most is that you get sent all kinds of coupon cards in the mail for 50.00 off which comes in handy because most treatments are every 3 months. The staff and physician are extremely nice and professional. Only downfall is that coming here is addictive.

Tanisha P, August, 2013

I have been going to see Dr. Jodie Reinertson, every three to four months for almost 2.5 years and her service, prices and results continue to be the best I’ve seen in Seattle injectables and skin care. Her office is stunning, but the staff couldn’t be more down to earth and concerned with your comfort! Dr.R is a very cool lady, and someone who really knows her stuff. She really does transform her patients into the best version of themselves they can be. No one will suspect your secret because results are natural and flawless. She is also very responsive with questions and feedback and is very patient when addressing and educating you on your personal skincare best. THERE is negative sales pressure here, something that is really RARE in the World of COSMECEUTICALS. In the almost three years, I have been coming here, I have never been upsold or charged even remotely what I came in expecting to pay.

Going anywhere else (especially because of some Groupon special etc.,) would be foolish. You have one face and it’s the first thing people see. Everyone has glanced at these procedures gone wrong in the tabloids. Celebrities whose botox is so extreme they look like siblings of the Devil. Or lips that are so unnatural, it makes the actress look like she’s suffering from a terrible snake bite. Who you go to REALLY does matter quite a lot. Even if you could find these services for less somewhere else, (which I doubt,) why take the risk of looking crazy??!! You might have to spend three months in the house hiding from your friends just to save ten dollars. Not worth it!!. You might be able to play off bad results in a city like L.A., but don’t think that is going to happen in the granola and natural city of Seattle.

Offer to join their mailing list -they have lots of really cool specials each month rendering many services even more of a great deal.

This office is the best it gets in WA for skin care and injectables.

Cristina W, June, 2013

I can’t say enough about Dr. Jodie. I’ve been seeing her for 2 years now and she is always very friendly as is her staff. She never tries to upscale me on things and in this industry that’s rare! She’s the first to say when I don’t need to spend my money on something that won’t help my situation. (This is unheard of in this industry.)
I feel so lucky to have found her and look forward to looking young, for many years thanks to her magical hands and skill-set!

Trish I, April, 2013

Thanks again Dr. Jodie- Your skillful efforts really improved the appearance of my smile- which encourages its more frequent appearance!

Trisha, September, 2011

Great service from the desk and the doctor. My first visit the doctor was cautious with BOTOX® at my request to make sure I didn’t get sag. When I went into get a little more in a few areas she didn’t even charge me because I mentioned a bruise that lasted a few days from the previous time (which is normal in some cases).

The front desk gave me a $50 gift card for my next visit and a $50 referral card for a friend. They have specials for new customers AND returning customers.

Plus they have an amazing view of Seattle from their office.

I almost forgot when I was late for my second appointment she still squeezed me in even though it was my fault!

Jacob, Seattle, June 2011

Thank you so much for making me look younger! Your business is greatly appreciated and looking forward to my next session

Kristina, Seattle, May 2011

I’ve been going to Dr. Jodie for BOTOX® treatments for two years now and I look forward to seeing her every time! She always takes a few minutes to chat with me before and after the procedure and always remembers who I am. The office is beautiful and the staff is friendly and helpful.

I will never go anywhere else!

Miles, Seattle, April 2011

Dr. Reinertson at Seattle Cosmetic Surgery has done many wonders to my face. Whenever I feel I need a touch up, I love going to her. Dr. Reinertson is the most gentle, caring and talented woman and I trust her with my face. I have received a few procedures from her, including RADIESSE® and JUVÉDERM®. I come to her clinic to correct a dip in my nose that she fills in with either of the two fillers. I also had these fillers dispersed into my smile lines and chin. Let me truly say, I’m so happy when I leave her office; not only has she corrected what I wanted, but I walk out looking so much more youthful. She’s a blessing and an amazing doctor, and I can’t appreciate her enough.

Kiki, Seattle, June 2011

Dr. Reinertson & Staff, I’m very grateful for the phenomenally thoughtful and thorough treatment I received from each of you during (and after!) my recent procedure. Without question, it was the best surgical experience I’ve ever had. Many thanks for everything!

June, Seattle, March 2011

Everything about CosMedic Skincare is great. Reasonably priced treatments and friendly staff. I’ve had several microderms by Lisa and I adore her. She is incredibly professional, personable, and tailors each treatment to my needs.

M.G., Seattle, January 2011

I am not a BOTOX® kind of woman-however, I did hate the brown sun spots on my face. I went to see Dr. Jodie and she is encouraging and non-judging. Her entire staff is pleasant and understanding! I was terrified to get the spots removed (IPL) because I had heard it feels like rubber bands snapping on your face. Katie, who did the procedure, was so very patient with all of my questions and fears. And “NO” it wasn’t bad! She has a gentle touch and was very concerned about my comfort. I have two more sessions and I am not dreading them at all. Already, my spots are fading and I had used every cream out there and nothing worked.

Justin was as patient as could be with my questions on the phone and emails back and forth.

I am so glad I didn’t choose to go with the first doctor I met in a different office- rude and condescending.

I love this place!!!

Mary, Seattle, January 2011

I loved my visit here. Besides the fabulous view of Seattle, Dr. Jodie and her staff created a cheerful ambiance, and were as friendly as they were knowledgeable. Dr. Jodie knows what she is doing. I had bad acne on my face, and after doing a series of rounds of the IPL laser, microdermabrasion, and some micropeels, I can proudly go out without makeup for the first time in years. THANK YOU DR. JODIE.

Samantha, Seattle, January 2011

My uncle died last year and my aunt gave me a beautiful gold chain for my neck. My neck however had a number of skin tags, moles and red blood filled bumps. Katie took great care of me and instead of a wearing a buttoned up collared shirt, I can remember my uncle by wearing the gold chain around my neck! Thanks!

Ricky, Seattle, January 2011

I absolutely love coming into this place. I’ve been in for monthly microderms and the occasional B12 shot, but wish I could go in more often just to be in such a wonderful atmosphere! Dr. Jodie is obviously talented, personable, and a pleasure to be around and her staff are well chosen professionals who make you feel quite comfortable.

Couldn’t recommend this business more!

Jenna, Seattle, 2011

It has been two years since my son had liposuction for gynecomastia. Dr. Jodie understood how important it was for my then twelve year olds self-esteem and the outcome was perfect. Having this procedure was the best investment in my son’s happiness. The staff was sensitive to his situation and he still feels great about his decision!

Anonymous, Seattle, November, 2010

I had fairly youthful looks until my mid-50s when small lines rapidly grew longer and deeper. After I turned 60 I clipped an ad from CosMedic Skincare and didn’t take action for many months, feeling a bit vain and sheepish, thinking this wasn’t the kind of thing a guy would do. Eventually I got the courage to meet with Dr. Reinertson. She was professional, friendly and informative. She developed a plan for me and I am really pleased with the results. The changes came gradually as wrinkles became less prevalent and my skin developed a more even tone. I’ve received several comments that I look rested, or just look good. No one asked if I had any work done, which was perfect, since my intent was not to instantly look like I was 20. Lisa and Katie have also been a real pleasure to work with.

Ricky, Seattle, November, 2010

These places always seem intimidating to me — but I was desperate to get rid of my acne after trying everything on the planet. Not only did they clear it — they were so laid back, knew a lot, and made me feel really welcome. I am a changed man and am not embarrassed or ashamed of my skin — or to tell everyone I know to go to what I would consider a very chic place to be. You ladies rock my world!!!

Michael, Seattle, 2009

I have tried everything you can name to treat the acne I have has since high school. I’ve seen about 15 dermatologists and been on all kinds of medication and creams and potions. I saw the ad and came here as my last try at beating this condition and trying to be confident and happy with my skin for once. Not only did the doctor and ladies here make me feel comfortable – and as a guy these places are normally really intimidating – but they did exactly as they said they would – cleared my acne once and for all. I go back about 3 times a year now for maintenance and a checkup mostly to keep my mind at ease and to see them again. Thank you ladies for everything and for making me comfortable in my own skin again! N.G.T 😉

Gabriel, Seattle, 2009

Dr. Jodie and her staff were amazing! I had a comforting and relaxed CoolLipo procedure in her office. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jodie, she is a perfectionist about the works she does, she’s caring, and treats you like a person, not a number in her office. I will go back in 2 months for CoolLipo on my arms. My sister is going to schedule a consultation now that she saw my results. I am very satisfied with my decision to have chosen Dr. Jodie do my procedure and wouldn’t change a thing. I highly recommend her to everyone and my family.I will be back soon~
Thank you Dr. Jodie and Staff~

Tilia, Seattle, May 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words so if I could post them here I would. Go to the website and look at the pictures under CoolLipo – mine are there. I NEVER thought I’d be able to get such dramatic results without a major face lift and thousands of dollars etc. This new procedure gave me an entirely new face contour in two days – I could not believe my eyes. The staff is so personable and sweet I felt like a sister! My husband can’t believe it and my friends are green with envy. This is the real deal!

Linda, Seattle, January, 2008

I was very skeptical when I was reading about laser lipo online and before I went in for my consultation with Dr. Jodie. After speaking with her and seeing photos – I went for it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever decided to do for myself. The staff is fantastic and made me feel very comfortable – I was able to get the extra fat removed from my tummy and walk out the same day without pain or grief. This technology is fantastic!

Mary, Seattle, 2007

From the minute you walk into this office, you know it is going to be a great experience. The staff is professional and knows exactly what they are doing – and they made my visit very enjoyable. I highly recommend CosMedic Skincare to everyone I know!

Heidi, Seattle, 2007

This is not something I would normally do – but after coming here for laser hair removal and being very happy with the results, I finally felt compelled to write a review based on all things – mineral makeup! After my treatment I had to go back to work and Katie touched me up with their mineral makeup line. This stuff is THE BEST MAKEUP ON EARTH! It covered flawlessly, was a perfect match, and stayed all day without looking cakey. I have been sending everyone I know here to get this makeup – and it’s cheap! I’m obsessed.

Jen, Seattle, 2007

I’ve had Thermage before years ago at another clinic and was not very impressed with the results. After meeting with Dr. Jodie R.. (? hard to spell!) and Katie I learned a lot about the procedure and felt really educated and more informed than I had before. Just two months after my treatment here I am feeling and looking more awake and my coworkers are taking notice. They really know Thermage well here and treat you very well. I’m a believer!

Tracy, Seattle, 2007

Recently I went to visit Dr. Jodie and staff in their BEAUTIFUL location on top of 1st Hill. I had my very first session of laser hair removal. Dr. Jodie and her staff were incredibly friendly and very comfortable; I had no issues with jumping up on the table for the bikini area removal as they were all very professional. After much research on this treatment I also think that the price for laser hair removal seems very reasonable.

I will def. be going back to visit and try out many of their treatments. 2 thumbs up!!

Laurie, Seattle, 2007

I love Dr. Jodie! This place is awesome. They have everything I love (BOTOX®, Thermage and make-up) but above all they are really sweet and always take plenty of time with me. I never feel rushed like my regular docs office. I’m NOT going back to the chain medi spas again.

Jeannie, Seattle, 2007

I’ve been to many, many skincare places in my day and I am so glad I came here. It’s the perfect blend – not too snotty, very clean, very skilled technicians and doctor – just right. I hate going to places with attitude – but these are like my girlfriends here. They really are the sweetest bunch of gals and they do such a great job. Try it!

Patty, Seattle, 2007

I’m hooked on this place and I can’t get enough. They do BOTOX®, facials, laser hair removal and carry Jan Marini. This place is my new vice – and the gals that work there are fantastic, sweet and very knowledgeable. Dr. Jodie is a sweetheart and does a great job. Not to mention the view out the office windows is breathtaking! Worth a visit or a free consult if nothing else!!!!

Kaylene, Seattle, 2007

I used to see Dr. Anna Ragaz at this location and hadn’t returned because I was too afraid of having my lips done without numbing injections. The new doctor, Jodie, is great! She did a numbing injection and took her time and my lips are flawless! I really like the JUVÉDERM® product as well – it looks great and I didn’t get as swollen as with Restylane. Her staff was very helpful and I had the most wonderful facial peel ever (surprising since they can hurt!). Katie calmed me down and made me feel very safe. You will be in good hands when you visit here!

Patty, Seattle, 2007

I found this place by sheer luck and am SO glad I did! The office is on the 19th floor of the Cabrini Medical Tower and it’s my dream come true! BOTOX®, Jan Marini, Laser Treatments, Facials – heaven on earth! I’ve sent my mother in law here and would highly recommend Dr. Jodie and her staff for you cosmetic enhancement procedures.

M. Collins, Seattle, 2007

This is the secret all my friends are dying to know about – my fountain of youth! I have been seeing Dr. Reinertson for BOTOX® and IPL facials and people can’t quite put their finger on why I am looking better and healthier. There is no pressure here – just a really talented doctor and a great staff. I am devoted!

Phil, Seattle, 2007

I came to see Dr. Jodie for a consultation and ended up signing up for a full-face and neck Thermage treatment. It has been a month and already my friends and family are noticing subtle changes and my skin is glowing. I love how this has worked and I really appreciate her kindness and the staff there. I recommend seeing CosMedic Skincare for any of you rejuvenation needs!

Kelley, Seattle, 2007