What is RADIESSE® dermal filler?

RADIESSE® differs significantly from other dermal fillers because its unique formula is composed of Calcium Hydroxyapatite rather than hyaluronic acid. This Calcium Hydroxyapatite is suspended within a water-based gel, allowing smooth, small spheres of calcium to gently enter your system, provide instant volume, and stimulate your body’s own collagen growth. Since RADIESSE® is both FDA-approved and considered bio-compatible, no prior allergy testing is required for treatment. The outcome of RADIESSE® can be seen immediately, as the gel can add noticeable volume to the injection site as well as achieve long-lasting results thanks to the growth of new collagen.

What is RADIESSE® dermal filler used for?

RADIESSE® can be used to restore lost facial volume to give you skin that looks fuller, smoother, and more youthful. Many of our patients use this dermal filler to combat common signs of age – including wrinkles, creases, deep folds, or volume loss – around the mouth, nose, temples, or the area around the cheeks. Our skilled injectors have also successfully used RADIESSE® to reduce the prominence of certain types of scars. For patients who have noticed their hands taking on a more aged appearance, RADIESSE® can be used to add lost volume for skin that looks more plump, youthful, and smooth. Patients who are interested in restoring lost volume to the lips should consider JUVÉDERM® for effective lip augmentation.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending upon the number of treatment areas, your RADIESSE® treatment will typically last about 30 minutes. Many of our patients visit us during their lunch hour for dermal filler treatments and return to work or their normal daily activities immediately afterward. At KMP Aesthetics, we also offer our patients the option of using a topical numbing agent to maximize your comfort during your injectable treatment. If you would like to take advantage of this complimentary service, please add fifteen minutes to your total treatment time.

What results can I expect?

Since the Calcium Hydroxyapatite will be injected directly into the treatment area, these small calcium spheres can instantly restore lost volume to the skin. This immediate outcome is a unique quality of RADIESSE® that makes this dermal filler very popular with our patients seeking quick results. As these calcium microspheres are slowly absorbed by the body over time, your natural collagen can regrow, take their place, and provide you with long-term results. For most patients, RADIESSE® offers smoother, fuller, more youthful looking skin for about one year, though some patients enjoy results for as long as 15 months. When you notice the benefits of RADIESSE® begin to wane, you can schedule an appointment with our office for a touch-up treatment to maintain your results.

What does RADIESSE® dermal filler literally do?

Upon injection, the smooth calcium microspheres add volume. They correct the deep folds and facial wrinkles caused by collagen loss that is natural with aging. The microspheres act as “pillars” to fill the space that was once occupied by naturally occurring collagen. Once injected, RADIESSE® begins to encourage your body to produce new collagen, which will replace the RADIESSE® as it begins to be broken down by your body. The photo on the left shows the presence of RADIESSE® once injected. The picture on the right illustrates how collagen begins to form around the spheres creating the structure to correct deep folds and wrinkles. Collagen growth and replacement will take place in approximately 3 months from the initial treatment.

Collagen Formation

Is the injection painful?

At KMP Aesthetics, the safety and comfort of our patients are our primary concerns. To help you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment, our injectors can add Lidocaine (a numbing agent) to the RADIESSE® formula before your injection. Though you may feel a slight pinch or ache at first, the Lidocaine can work to make this feeling disappear after a few moments. In addition, we offer a complimentary topical numbing agent for any patient who wishes to maximize their comfort during dermal filler injections. Some patients may experience mild swelling or bruising after treatment, though these side effects should dissipate quickly. For your safety, if you are sensitive or allergic to Lidocaine or Xylocaine, please alert your aesthetic professional during the consultation process.

What are the common side effects of treatment?

While it is difficult to predict how any one individual will react to an injection, most patients experience very few, if any, side effects. The most common reactions to RADIESSE® injections include tenderness, mild bruising, small bumps at the injection site, or slight swelling. These reactions usually resolve within 2-7 days of treatment; however, some patients may experience these side effects for up to 2 weeks. These side effects are considered a normal reaction of the body and are part of the healing process. Long-lasting side effects are quite uncommon, and most of our patients return to their normal daily lives as soon as they leave our office.

What can I do to reduce the side effects of treatment?

If you routinely take medication or supplements that thin the blood, your chances of bruising or swelling after your RADIESSE® treatment may be increased. Common blood thinners include: fish oil, aspirin, and ibuprofen. By discontinuing the use of these blood thinners a week before your treatment, you can greatly reduce your risk of these side effects. In addition, taking Arnica Montana sublingually can help minimize the side effects of dermal filler injections. However, if you have been advised to take these medications or supplements by your physician, we recommend you continue to take these blood thinners as prescribed.

What kind of feedback is available on RADIESSE®?

We have included a few links from the website for RADIESSE® if you would like more information on how RADIESSE® compares to other dermal fillers on the market. At KMP Aesthetics, our injectors have found that different dermal fillers are best suited for specific areas. To review some of the statistics available, please visit the links below:

What does treatment cost?

Cost for treatment varies considerably based on the individual and his/her unique goals and desires. RADIESSE® is sold by the syringe and therefore the price is determined based on the degree of correction desired. Greater correction may require multiple syringes. We endeavor to provide you with the best combined value of cost and exceptional patient care under the skilled hands of our skilled injectors.

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