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What is LATISSE®?

LATISSE®, known medically as bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%, is an FDA prescription treatment to treat a condition known as Hypotrichosis, which is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Bimatoprost, the main ingredient in the LATISSE® solution, is well known for its ability to boost eyelash growth.

What is LATISSE® used for?

LATISSE® is used daily, as part of your “before bed” regimen to grow longer eyelashes. If used consistently for 16 weeks, LATISSE® will assist in growing longer, darker, fuller lashes. Studies have shown that as early as our 30’s our lashes begin to thin, become lighter, and not grow as long as in our teens and 20’s. LATISSE® is a possible treatment aid to grow longer lashes.

How long does treatment take?

LATISSE® application is quick and can easily be integrated into your nightly “before bed” regimen. It is important that LATISSE® is applied to a clean face, after makeup has been removed. It is recommended that contact lenses are removed before applying LATISSE®. To receive hints and tips for using LATISSE®, schedule a consultation with our team. If you have already begun using LATISSE®, feel free to contact a member of our medical staff.

What results can I expect?

Some patients begin to see initial results after approximately 8 weeks of usage. Once you have begun using LATISSE®, in as little as 13-16 weeks, you will see longer, darker, fuller lashes. Results vary from patient to patient in terms of the length, thickness and darkness achieved. LATISSE® usage must be continued in order to maintain result. Clinical studies have shown that patients using LATISSE® have seen the following benefits to their eyelashes:

What does LATISSE® literally do?

LATISSE® will literally encourage hair growth from the hair follicles in two ways: it will first increase the growth phase for lashes, as well as increase the number of eyelash hairs that grow from the eyelids. Since LATISSE® does encourage hair growth from active hair follicles, it is not recommended that LATISSE® is applied to the lower eye lids as hair growth under the eye can occur.

What are the common side effects?

Common side effects include irritation and itching at the site of application. Other side effects include eye irritation and dryness. LATISSE® may cause darkening of the eyelid which may be reversible. Although not reported in clinical studies, LATISSE® use may also cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent. It is not recommended to use LATISSE® on the lower eyelid as any area of the skin that comes in contact with LATISSE® may begin to grow hair. If too much LATISSE® has been applied to the upper eyelid, it is recommended that the excess product be blotted off with a tissue. This is by no means a complete list of side effects. A complete list of potential side effects is available during your consultation.

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