What is BroadBand Light Therapy?

Aging skin is a common concern for many of our patients at KMP Aesthetics. To reverse unwanted signs of the natural aging process, BroadBand Light therapy can be highly beneficial. Known as BBL, this treatment delivers light-based energy to the skin, stimulating the regeneration of cells. BroadBand Light treatment can help you achieve a more even texture and skin tone for a youthful, beautiful complexion.

Kevan Petterson, DNP, ARNP and his team are committed to keeping abreast with the latest technological advancements in skincare so you can reap the benefits. With the innovative Forever Young BBL™ device, you can effectively combat the aging process and reverse the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

What Are the Benefits of Forever Young BBL Treatment?

Used for comprehensive skin rejuvenation, the Forever Young BBL treatment can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

In addition, the Forever Young BBL treatment is non-invasive, requires zero downtime, and can produce long-lasting results. With regular treatments, you can maintain your youthful looks for years to come and delay or prevent the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

Forever Young BBL Before & After Pictures

Am I a Candidate for Forever Young BBL Treatment?

Our patients at KMP Aesthetics can use the Forever Young BBL treatment on both the face and the body to achieve results that look youthful and natural. Since the Forever Young BBL system can be customized according to a patient’s skin type, most men and women are good candidates for the treatment. Fair to olive skin are ideal for this treatment. Our team will evaluate each patient and can tailor your treatment to address your unique concerns while minimizing possible side effects.

How Does the Forever Young BBL Treatment Work?

BroadBand Light is the key to successful results with the Forever Young BBL treatment. You will wear safety glasses to cover your eyes if you undergo a facial treatment with the BBL system. Using a handheld device, infrared light is guided over the skin’s surface and can rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level. You may feel quick bursts of warmth during this process. Most patients do not require a topical anesthetic since the treatment produces minimal discomfort. The entire process may take up to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

BBL is a non-invasive treatment specifically designed to target imperfect and damaged skin cells to increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness while also evening the skin’s pigment. The Forever Young BBL treatment can alter gene expression, and according to a Stanford clinical study, participants who received regular BBL treatments over a period of twelve years looked, on average, up to nine years younger.

What Can I Expect After Forever Young BBL Treatment?

Since the Forever Young BBL treatment is a gentle, non-invasive procedure, you can expect little to no downtime. After your treatment session, you should be able to wear makeup and return to your normal schedule, including going to work. It is normal to experience some redness at first, but this tends to fade within a few hours. Pigmented lesions may look darker, but they should fade and flake off within about 1 to 2 weeks. Your results should include smoother skin, smaller pores, and more even pigmentation. Keep in mind that results will vary for every individual depending on the condition of their skin and their treatment details.

Forever Young BBL Recovery Tips

To help you achieve the best possible results from your Forever Young BBL treatment, our team will provide you with aftercare instructions. Common practices that are typically recommended include:

We may also suggest certain skin care products to help you maximize your Forever Young BBL results.

What Side Effects Are Associated with Forever Young BBL?

As with many other nonsurgical procedures, there are certain risks and side effects that may occur after treatment. With Forever Young BBL, there typically aren’t any severe side effects to look out for, but there may be some minor impacts that occur at the time of treatment. Short-term changes can include:

Generally, any side effects defects you experience following your treatment should dissipate after a short period of time. Our team will discuss your concerns and any potential risks resulting from BBL therapy at your initial consultation.

How Long Do Forever Young BBL Results Last?

With the Forever Young BBL technology and innovative techniques, results of the treatment are designed to reverse signs of aging long term. Results typically begin to appear within a week and should gradually improve over time as the skin heals. Because treatments are recommended multiple times a year, long-lasting results can be maintained for as long as you continue your BBL procedures.

How Much Does Forever Young BBL Cost?

The cost of BBL therapy will be unique to each individual patient as their needs will be very specific at the time of their treatment. Some patients will require a more extensive treatment of BBL than others, which will likely incur a higher cost. Forever Young BBL therapy typically costs $1,200 for three full face treatments; however many patients wish to also extend the benefits to their neck, decolletage, and hands. Our team will discuss the price of BBL at your consultation. At that time, we can also go over our financing options with you.

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