At CosMedic Skincare, Dr. Jodie Reinertson reduces excessive sweating and the appearance of wrinkles in her Seattle skincare patients with BOTOX® injections.

Seattle, WA – Dr. Jodie Reinertson, a Seattle skincare specialist, offers BOTOX® injections to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as excessive sweating. The versatile treatment continues to give her patients the desired results in a minimally-invasive form. Dr. Reinertson recommends the FDA-approved treatment to anyone looking for temporary wrinkle reduction or relief from overactive sweat glands.

According to Dr. Reinertson, BOTOX® injections are designed to soften the appearance of unwanted facial wrinkles and lines. The neurotoxin works by blocking the neurotransmission, causing the muscle to stop moving and wrinkles to be diminished. She adds that using the injections long-term will cause the wrinkle-causing muscles to mildly atrophy. As a result, Dr. Reinertson highlights that less BOTOX® Cosmetic is needed, and it lasts longer over time. The most common areas her patients have treated are the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the crows feet.

Another use of BOTOX® injections at the Seattle skin care practice is Hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating. Dr. Reinertson explains how BOTOX® injections can control sweating by blocking chemical signals to the sweat gland nerves. Her patients that use BOTOX® injections for this purpose usually want to address underarm sweating, although hands and feet are also treated. She says patients typically get results lasting six months to one year.

Dr. Reinertson highlights that the BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure is “a quick lunchtime procedure,” only taking about 15 minutes to complete. However, a patient undergoing BOTOX® injections for the first time requires more time for Dr. Reinertson to thoroughly assess expectations and the areas of concern. Occasionally, a patient’s problem can be more effectively treated with a filler, such as Juvederm® or Radiesse®. For many of her patients, both filler and neurotoxin are used to achieve optimal results.

CosMedic Skincare patients can start seeing the results of their BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure in about two to three days; however, the full effect can take up to two weeks. Since the injections are not permanent, patients generally return every three to four months for another treatment. Ultimately, Dr. Reinertson recommends patients return to their skincare specialist once they see the movement returning.

About Jodie Reinertson, MD

CosMedic Skincare founder Dr. Jodie Reinertson received her undergraduate from Boston University and then attended St. George’s University School of Medicine. From there, she completed an internship, residency, and fellowship at Albany Medical Center in New York. Dr. Reinertson treats her patients with over 25 years of medical experience and continues to learn about the newest and best ways to serve them. She is a member of such organizations as the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine, and more–all of which contribute to her extensive skill and knowledge in the skincare field. Dr. Reinertson is available for interview upon request.


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