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Laser hair removal offers both women and men a way to get rid of undesired hair in specific body areas with long-term results. This innovative procedure can ultimately reduce or even completely eliminate the need to regularly shave, wax, or pluck, which can be an extraordinary time-saver and relieve you from the ongoing hassle and expense associated with those common routines.

If you are considering laser hair removal, it’s important to be aware of some steps you can take to maximize results and to increase the likelihood of enjoying smoother, hair-free skin long into the future.

Here are 4 things to know before your laser hair removal treatment:

Avoid Tanning of All Kinds
Tanned skin obtained by direct sunlight, tanning beds, or even tanning lotion before or during your laser hair removal treatment sessions can have a negative effect on the results. It can also make the skin more sensitive and uncomfortable during the procedure. You should also be prepared to keep the treated areas covered or well-protected with sunscreen after the treatment to minimize the chance of skin irritation or discoloration.

You Can Shave, but Don’t Pluck or Wax Before Treatment!
Dr. Jodie Reinertson will advise you to shave the area targeted for treatment shortly before laser hair removal, but please don’t pluck any hairs or wax the area for a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure. In order to achieve good results, the root of each hair must be present in the treatment area. Shaving—even to the point where you can’t see the hair—is fine because the laser can still deliver energy to the follicle. This can also help minimize discomfort while the treatment is being performed.

Keep the Skin Free of Makeup, Lotions, and Deodorant Before Treatment
Skin care products and deodorants can compromise laser hair removal results. Please be sure they are not applied to the target areas before the procedure.

Multiple Treatments Will Likely Be Necessary
Because of the way hair grows in different phases, most patients require a series of laser hair removal treatment sessions to obtain optimal results. These sessions will be staged at 4-8 week intervals. CosMedic Skincare offers laser hair removal treatment packages that are often more cost-effective than paying for each session individually.

Dr. Reinertson and our experienced cosmetic professionals utilize the Cynosure Elite™ Aesthetic laser for hair removal, which can be effective for a range of skin types, even for individuals with darker skin. If you have questions about laser hair removal, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for your needs, please contact us today!