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Injectable neurotoxins and dermal fillers can provide a non-surgical method of smoothing fine lines, reducing wrinkles, and restoring lost volume from areas such as the cheeks or lips. When combined in a customized treatment plan, these cosmetic injectables can give you a revitalized, well-rested, and youthful appearance. However, since the results of these treatments are temporary, many prospective patients ask Dr. Jodie Reinertson how long they can expect the rejuvenating effects to last.

Neurotoxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic are designed to treat overactive facial muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and in-between the eyebrows as well as crow’s feet. On average, the results of this popular injectable last 3-4 months. JUVÉDERM®, a dermal filler used to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and folds caused by a loss of collagen, can achieve results that typically last 6-8 months. (The outcome of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC, which is injected at a deeper level in the skin, can last up to two years.) RADIESSE® is a dermal filler that uses Calcium Hydroxyapatite rather than hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume, and can often provide more youthful looking skin for 12-15 months. Finally, Sculptra® Aesthetic, which is designed to stimulate new collagen growth, can achieve exceptionally long-lasting results with some patients seeing improvement for up to two years.

During your one-on-one consultation, you will discuss your unique cosmetic concerns with Dr. Reinertson who will then design a customized treatment plan that can meet your individual needs. Regardless of which cosmetic injectables you choose, the results of all neurotoxins and dermal fillers can be easily maintained with follow-up treatment sessions. For more information about our injectable treatment offerings, or to schedule a consultation for a customized treatment plan, please contact our office today.