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Before we get into some very exciting company updates, we want to be super-duper clear: Dr. Jodie isn’t going anywhere.




We can all breathe a little easier knowing Jodie is just as much of a fixture at the clinic as she always has been. She wanted to give more time to her family and spend less time managing the day-to-day at the clinic. We completely understand and support her fully.

In fact, it feels like the stars aligned to make it happen in a way that we feel really good about, and we know you will, too.

Here’s what’s changing, some of which you may have noticed:

Here’s what’s not changing:

When we sat down with Kevan to talk more about articulating the business shifts, here’s what he said: “Dr. Jodie’s and my styles are so similar. We agree on treatment modalities and techniques. We go to conferences together and are always excited to learn about the same things. Jodie has been—and remains—one of the most respected injectors in Seattle. My goal is to uphold her legacy and continue to support her as we move the business through its natural progression.”

Part of Dr. Kevan’s training as a DNP is to improve the quality of the processes and to streamline them. As he moves KMP Aesthetics forward, you’ll surely notice a few changes—all of which we believe are positive and of huge benefit to all of us.

We’re thrilled about this transition because it blends the best of both worlds beautifully and, if you are a patient of Kevan’s, you’ll understand when we say it adds layers to an already gorgeous palate.

If you have any questions about what’s new, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. You can call the front desk at (206) 622-6444 or send an email to info@seattlecosmedicskincare.com.

From all of us at KMP Aesthetics, we appreciate you and can’t wait to keep aesthetically affirming all that you are.