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The DOT is one of the latest advances in skin rejuvenation. The DOT stands for Dermal Optic Thermolosys. The DOT pixalates the CO2 laser beam into thousands of tiny shafts of light. This light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. The settings can be adjusted for superficial or deeper penetration. As the skin repairs itself it replaces these tiny holes from the shafts of light with new skin. The heat also tightens existing collagen and help stimulate the growth of new collagen.
The DOT excels at treating deeper wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars, and textural changes from sun damage. It is also effective in treating actinic keratosis, which are small precancerous growths.
I highly recommend treating the decollete;however, this area is more sensitive, with thinner skin, and I will not treat as aggressively as the face. The DOT also works well for crepey skin below and above the eyes.
The CO2 laser is best for patients with moderate to deep facial wrinkles, sun damage, or moderate to severe acne scaring.
The DOT may be customized to meet the specific concerns and sensitivity of each patient. Deeper treatments will require more healing or “downtime” than more superficial treatments. With either a more aggressive or a lighter treatment, you will see great results after your skin heals (3-14 days). Full results can take up to 6 months, as new collagen is being stimulated for a full 6 months after treatment.
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